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Merchant Policy Overview

Mix10 is the fastest platform to sell your products. If a merchant abides by these general obligations they are unlikely to be affected by any rule or policy enforced by the platform.

1. Merchants provide Mix10 truthful and accurate information at all times

Merchants are expected to be truthful and accurate when entering information into the Mix10 platform. Product listings should be truthful and accurate, this includes but not limited to images, inventory, pricing. Product images should depict the product being sold accurately. The product description should not include conditions that are different from the product image.

2. Merchants should ensure orders are delivered to the customer as fast as possible

Users expect to get what they ordered promptly. Merchants should ensure the user gets what they ordered as quickly as possible.

Accomplish this by:

  • Fulfilling orders quickly.
  • Using reliable and efficient shipping methods.

Merchant Policies:



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